Christ Church Paarl is a member of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH SA). The denomination has been conducting services in South Africa since the late eighteenth century.

When in 1833 an Anglo-Catholic Bishop was appointed to lead the Church of England, there were those who preferred to follow the Reformation principles and teachings of the Church of England. Thus in 1870, when Bishop Gray formed the Church of the Province of South Africa (CPSA), these evangelicals remained true to their heritage. They later adopted their own constitution in 1938. This Constitution enshrines the Reformed Protestant, and Evangelical Faith handed down by our forefathers.

Today REACH SA is making an increasing impact on the spiritual life of this part of Africa. We have congregations amongst all sections of the community. In addition we are involved in social care projects such as care for AIDS patients, education and poverty relief. We also have a strong interest in worldwide missions.

Together with groups of similar persuasion, we are endeavoring to present the evangelical voice in South Africa.