Exploring God’s Word

At Christ Church Paarl we realise that not everybody can study theology full time. We therefore offer a great way to study God’s Word in depth, right in the comfort of your own home. The Explore course is offered through our college, George Whitefield college in Muizenberg.

EXPLORE is primarily a self-study program,  The material covers both systematic and biblical theology, and encourages the student to develop a deeper understanding of the truth of the Bible. A number of our folk are benefiting greatly.

The course outline:
Module 1: EXPLORE the Bible
The emergence of God’s plan for the world from Genesis to Revelation.

Module 2: EXPLORE the Life of Jesus
The human life and ministry of the one God sent to save the world and be its king forever.

Module 3: EXPLORE the Work of the Apostles
The growth of Christianity in the first century from the day of Pentecost.

Module 4: EXPLORE the World’s Creator
The nature and character of the God who made the universe.

Module 5: EXPLORE the Books of Moses
A journey through the Old Testament and lays the foundations for all that follows in the Bible.

Module 6: EXPLORE the Prophets
The content and major themes of Old Testament Prophetic Literature.

Module 7: EXPLORE Salvation
God’s plan to save the world, focusing on the person and work of Christ.

Module 8: EXPLORE the Christian Life
The path of the Christian life from the counsels of God in eternity.

Module 9 (Optional): EXPLORE Church History
The way the church evangelised their pagan neighbours and how they endured persecution at the hands of the seemingly all-powerful Roman state.

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